Brian's Sensational Run


Join Brian on an incredible adventure around the city Malden, Massachusetts. Geared towards children of all ages, this book takes a closer look at the natural and man made wonders that the main character, Brian, experiences while on a run. Experience, first-hand, the sights and sounds of the city through Brian's eyes as he learns to experience his surroundings with a newfound excitement and appreciation.

About the Author

Brian Holliday was born and raised in New England. This is his debut book as an author. As an avid runner and marathon finisher, Brian got the idea for Brian's Sense-ational Run on an actual run through his beloved city of Malden, MA. Always intrigued by the smells, feels, and sights of his run, Brian, who is a medical professional, had the idea of turning his run into a children's book to promote kids learning the senses and being aware of their surroundings, but also to promote exercise. Brian graduated from Salve Regina University, as well as Western University of Health Sciences.

Brian is a Physician Assistant in surgery at one of Boston's largest hospitals. He lives in Malden with his husband and their two dogs, Whizkey and Cozmo.