Eddie the Gobbler

Follow Eddie the Gobbler as he takes you on a tour of his hometown Cuero, Texas!
You will love, love, love getting to experience the sites and sounds of Cuero through Eddie

About the Author

EDWARD ROCHA is the founder and President of Rola Corporation and director of Rola Languages. Ed is fluent in English and Spanish and a student of French, Portuguese, and Mandarin with nearly 20 years of language teaching experience. After privately tutoring Spanish for many years and living abroad in Argentina and Spain, he fell in love with the idea of a language school, and as an avid entrepreneur and language and communications specialist, Ed was determined to build such a community in Boston. He formalized his teaching method and thus, Rola Languages was born in 2008. 

Rola Languages is now a part of Rola Corporation, an international education company focused on creating a global brand with 3 education companies, through curriculum development, consulting, and partnerships. Rola promotes its system called the Rola Method, and applies it to course development and teaching in areas of language, communications, and professional development.

Inspired by his hardworking and loving parents, Edward created the "La Familia Rocha" series in their honor to tell the story of how they met and got married in their hometown of Cuero, Texas, with illustrations based on real pictures of them in their youth! While this is a work of love dedicated to his parents, it's also an education project to promote bilingualism, multiculturalism, and cultural awareness of growing up Latino in a small town with a big family.