La Familia Rocha Complete Edition - Pre-Order


Inspired by his hard-working and loving parents, author, Edward Lee Rocha, created the "La Familia Rocha" series in their honor to tell the story of how they met and got married in their hometown of Cuero, Texas. The series features stories and illustrations based on real memories and pictures of them in their youth! La Familia Rocha series is an introductory Spanish series for children language learners. The goal is to help students practice Spanish while having fun and learning vocabulary. Each book in the series will be progressive in nature. Readers will learn more Spanish, but also learn more about the characters in the series. This children's book is ideal for parents and children alike. At the bottom of each page, students and parents can find Spanish vocabulary words and their English translations. This Complete Version of the 6-part series is Bilingual in that it not only is written in Spanish with Spanish vocabulary terms but includes complete English translation on each page providing a truly comprehensive learning experience.